Eunique is spelled wrong!

One of the most common comments I hear is, “Hey, do you know that Eunique is spelled wrong!”

Yes, it is. It’s eunique.

screen grab of the original Eunique Perspectives Of Hope openingThe official title of the series is Eunique Perspectives of Hope: Homosexuality and The Bible. This is the way it was spelled in the original opening.

I am not sure if the word Eunique was spelled that way on purpose – it is unique spelling – or if someone has spelling issues like I do (praise God for spell checkers!).

But, at this point, we are leaving the title as is.


1 thought on “Eunique is spelled wrong!”

  1. Yes, Eunique was deliberate in the spelling, combining the word eunuch and unique. Glad you noticed. So thankful that you have done all this work to make this available. There is also a newer version of the book OPENLY GAY OPENLY CHRISTIAN which also comes as an ebook. God bless!
    Rev. Samuel Kader


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