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Homosexuality and the Bible has been a controversial topic for many, many years. Everybody has a unique perspective.

Good Christians quote Bible verses that confirm what they already believe. And outsiders ask how the same book can have two entirely different messages — gays are OK and gays are condemned to hell.

Rev. Samuel Kader

Rev. Samuel Kader has looked at all the Bible verses on the topic of homosexuality (LGBTQ), doing in-depth research into the original Hebrew and Greek text. From his years of research came this lecture series, Eunique Perspectives of Hope: Homosexuality and The Bible.

The short answer is that LGBTQ people are not condemned. In fact, there are LGBTQ people found in the Bible!

This lecture series was recorded on VHS video tape in the late 1990’s. Here’s a list of the lecture topics.

cover of Openly Gay, Openly Christian - first edition

This is a serious, in-depth look at homosexuality in the scriptures. Think of it like an introductory college course.

In addition to the lecture series, Rev. Kader wrote the book Openly Gay, Openly Christian using the same research notes.

We have converted, cleaned up, and posted copies of these video tapes here and on YouTube (details here). We’ve also created a study guide and additional information on the subject.

No matter where you are in your beliefs, we hope you get as much out of this series as we have.

— Chris

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