Part 6 – Eunuchs In The Kingdom

Rev. Kader takes an interesting look at eunuchs in the Bible.

Some takeaways…

  • The biblical definition of eunuchs encompasses more than just castrated males, but includes homosexuals and those who choose to be celibate.
  • Eunuchs were found in trusted positions.
  • Potiphar, the captain of the Egyptian palace guard who purchased Joseph, was a eunuch.
  • God encouraged the prince of the eunuchs to have favor and tender love toward Daniel.
  • It was a black, gay male – the Ethiopian eunuch in charge of the treasury – that Phillip introduced to Christ.
  • Eunuchs have a special promise of honor from God.

Segment details…

  • Length: 64 minutes
  • MP3 Podcast: download (right click and save) or listen here

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